Active Learning Seminar: Slideshow design principles (10th Feb. 2017)

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Active Learning Seminar:?Slideshow design principles

Division of Active Learning and Teaching of Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence (KOMEX) will hold a workshop at Komaba Active Learning Studio (KALS). The details are below.


Slideshow design principles: communicating & presenting in a visual way


John Augeri, Deputy Director, Paris Ile-de-France Digital University

Date & Time

Friday, February 10, 2017 1:30pm-3pm


Komaba Active Learning Studio (KALS), 2nd. Floor, Bldg. No. 17


The slideshow is now an essential communication medium in academia and in professional activities, so that the term “PowerPoint” has entered the common language. But the readability of a slide is not only the level of practical software. Screenwriting, quantity and nature of the text, hierarchical elements, using images and animations are all parameters that can make a slideshow fully effective or best way to make about the speaker completely unintelligible. The lecture is provided for Paris’ universities’ academics staffs and master cource/PhD students since 2008. It will provide an overview of the principles of slides’ production, regardless of the software used. It will integrate the fair use of colors and fonts, prioritization techniques and emphasis, displaying photos elements. The overall design of the slideshow as a standalone document or as a support for an oral presentation will also be discussed.


Faculty members and graduate students at the University of Tokyo(Capacity: 40 persons)



We look forward to your participation!

(Lui Yoshida)